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They say two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes.  I’m thankful you’re reading this as that means you’re alive, and probably thinking about when I will get my W2 so I can file my taxes! 

This message contains important information regarding your 2019 W2 and tax withholding for 2020, so please take a minute to read through the following: 

2019 W2 Income Statement:  When & How Can I Get Mine?

  • Once produced (target date of 1/17), W2’s will be available on the MyPY website where they can be viewed and/or printed
  • IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP US SAVE THE COST OF PRINTING & MAILING YOUR W2 … your written approval for “electronic only” W2 is required by law.  Simply email humanresources@glcymca.org with “Electronic Only W2” in the subject line and your name and 4-digit employee number in the message body.
  • W2’s will be printed and mailed by 1/31/20


New tax tables for 2020 income tax withholding – NEW Federal W4 form

  • The Federal government has redesigned the income tax withholding system beginning 2020 – Click here for FAQs from the IRS regarding these changes.
  • To submit new W4 withholding to YMCA HR Department, click on the secure on-line forms below (also available on the Staff Portal).  As Federal withholding is now different, a State withholding form is also needed if changes are to be made.


Federal Form W-4 (2020)

Wisconsin Form WT-4 (2020)

Feel free to contact HR if you have questions about your payroll.  However, if your questions are related to your income tax liability and withholding, please contact your personal tax advisor.





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For assistance with the MyPy site contact Human Resources at: payroll@glcymca.org or 262-567-7251.

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